An open-source Slack bot written in Express that I developed at Hanno. It helps remote teams prevent isolation and build a happier team. It does so by checking in with everyone on your team every day and broadcast the status to everyone else. Check out the repository on GitHub and feel free to create an issue if you found a bug or have a feature request.

The Book Project

A crowdsourced novel written by the (Spanish) online community over the period of a year. Every month, people had the chance to submit their texts for the next chapter. During the last week of each month, a public voting phase decided which one was going to continue the story line. The story was finished in March 2015 and is currently being edited at crowdsourcing platform Pentian.

Creative Mornings

A monthly breakfast event I organise in Valencia and that takes place every last Friday of the month. It consists of a 20-minute speech on the global topic of the month that’s selected by one of the Creative Mornings chapters. Before and after the talk people have the chance to network, chat, have a coffee (or one of our popular pink donuts) and meet like-minded people from the creative industry.