I like planning. As with everything in life though, my plans don't always go the way I expected.

Most of the time that's simply because we cannot predict everything that happens along the day, assume that everyone has the same priorities, and that circumstances are always allowing for our specific desired outcome.

That's why I started doing something that eliminates, or at least absorbs this imperfection. Because in the end, given the lack of control we have over others, we need to be extremely adaptable when things start working against us or don't produce the result we were looking for.

A fresh start

Personally, I adjust my plans every Sunday. It allows me to start with a blank state for the new week and resets my mind to zero: Tabula Rasa. Let me explain you how:

I usually evaluate my former week's goals first:
- See what you have achieved, and why. Celebrate!
- See what you have not achieved. Figure out why, and adjust your approach accordingly.

The first one is pretty easy.
The second one is a bit more complex: The thing that you were aiming to accomplish may have been too unrealistic. It may be that you didn't get the time to work on it (yet) because of other priorities, or that the person who was going to assist you wasn't available.

It's important though that you analyze thoroughly. Over time you will set more realistic goals because you don't just ignore the reasons for failure, but also incorporate those learnings into your future objectives.


With this mindful strategy, your mind can process all the nagging issues that have piled up over the course of the week. Being aware that they affect your mood and productivity, it helps you put them into perspective, take the valuable information with you, and get some inspiration for your next attempt.

At Hanno we used to be fans of 15Five, but have recently switched to Weekdone, in order to apply OKRs.