Now that you are here, let me tell you a bit more about myself.

As I said, I'm an engineer at heart. That's because I started experimenting with computers at the tender age of six.

In 1997, I discovered the World Wide Web, a phenomenon that instantly got me hooked. Pretty soon after setting up my first modem, I started building websites in the Mosaic browser using Microsoft Frontpage and—a few years later—Macromedia Dreamweaver.

🎓 Academic background

After a decade spent behind the screen, I decided to turn my biggest hobby into a profession and started an online degree in 'Media Informatics' at the Polytechnic University of Emden.

Unlike traditional Computer Science degrees, it covered additional topics from the field of digital media, such as marketing and design. The experience of advancing my programming skills combined with more human-centered subjects was very satisfying and served as the cornerstone of my T-shaped nature.

In 2007, I switched from studying almost entirely online to an on-campus degree at the Polytechnic University of Düsseldorf, where I completed my studies. As part of an exchange program, I planned to go abroad for half a year to study at a partner university in Valencia, but ended up moving there for good.

💼 Career

During my studies, I started working as a freelancer, building websites and rich web applications in various engineering roles for startups and agencies across Germany, Spain, and the UK.

Much of my career has centered around front-end development, driven by my obsession with what you can see in the browser and making user experiences usable, accessible, and intuitive.

My focus on the user led to my interest in product, inspiring me to think beyond code and components and understand what makes great user experiences. I have worked hand in hand with senior UX/UI designers, product strategists, and business leaders, allowing me to expand my knowledge as a member of cross-functional teams.

As a senior product engineer, I have taken on product owner roles and managed small teams of 2-3 people, further enriching my understanding of strategy, business, and leadership.

🤖 Technology

Beside my interest in Product, I have never neglected my deep interest in emerging technologies and have always sought to level up my engineering skills in areas like Machine Learning, AI, and Cloud Computing.

Besides JavaScript on the frontend, I am comfortable with Node.js on the backend. And whenever I have the time to learn new skills I try to tinker with new programming languages, frameworks and libraries.

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, I am more excited than scared about its impact on the world, and use it massively to enhance, speed up and rethink my job. I think Product Engineers will be paramount to this shift because of their technical background, the capacity to strategise, and last but not least, the ability to empathise with users.