These are projects I worked on out of curiosity and passion.

Here I share initiatives I pursued outside of work, to challenge myself, explore new technologies, or simply have fun.

  • 2020

    the sustainable list

    A curated list of ethical fashion brands from all over the world. The sustainable list features certified fashion brands that produce good-looking, high-quality products while doing less harm to the planet.

  • 2018

    VLC Tech Hub app

    A mobile app featuring events and jobs provided by the API. It was a prototype bootstrapped using Create React Native App and Expo to showcase some of these tools’ capabilities.

  • 2016


    A Slackbot I developed while working at Hanno, by the time a pioneer in the space of remote work. As the result of a design thinking workshop, it tracked how happy people are at work to help everyone feel less isolated.

  • 2015

    Creative Mornings Valencia

    For two consecutive years, I was the organiser of Creative Mornings Valencia, a monthly breakfast event with the goal to unite the creative community of each city once a month for an inspiring talk on a creative topic.

  • 2014

    The Book Project

    A collaborative book co-authored by twelve people via community submissions and a monthly voting round. The book got published via the crowdsourcing platform Pentian and is available on Amazon.

  • 2004-2008

    Nuhouse was an online platform and forum specialised in deep house music. Starting as a hobby project about my major passion at that time, I used Wordpress and phpBB to create a little community of around 200-300 people.