A list of projects I worked on professionally and on the side

Here, I showcase some of the work I have completed for clients over the past 15+ years, along with a compilation of side projects and volunteer work I embarked on in my free time.


  • 2021



    As the lead developer, I spearheaded the creation of the web app's initial prototype and core features using Firebase and Tailwind UI. After validating the problem/solution fit, we aimed to solve the most common inefficiencies in PR by building AI-powered solutions.

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  • 2019


    MobileReact NativeJestDetox

    As part of a team of two engineers and one UX/UI designer, I helped develop two mobile healthcare apps in React Native. I had to thoroughly follow extensive unit and e2e testing best practices to comply with quality standards in the strictly regulated healthcare sector.

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  • 2018


    MobileReact NativeJestDetox

    After leading a one-week workshop for the dev team to get proficient in React Native, I helped migrate the company's native iOS/Android app to it, integrating a reliable CI/CD pipeline, establishing unit and e2e testing best practices, and upskilling individual contributors.

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  • 2017


    MobileReact Native

    Working alongside a UX/UI designer and backend developer, I implemented the mobile app for this surprise dinner startup. Part of the challenge was integrating the API for a third-party car-sharing service and displaying real-time updates to the user.

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  • 2016


    MobileReact NativeBitrise

    When our client launched their physical lunch box product, supported by over 40,000 people through Kickstarter, I was part of the team that shipped the accompanying recipe app within six months. Using React Native, we were able to accelerate the process significantly.

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  • 2016

    Omron EVOLV


    I was the lead front-end developer of a team of three that built the marketing website of the new Omron EVOLV blood pressure monitor. We built and shipped the site—which features an interactive and immersive product walkthrough—in just four months.

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  • 2015



    Ava is an app for the Deaf and hard of hearing that enables high-accuracy 24/7 real-time captions. I was part of the team developing the web-based front end, which uses a light API layer to and allow people to participate in conversations from any browser.

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  • 2013

    German Doctors

    WebResponsive DesignContao CMS

    I was the technical project manager at Cologne's digital web agency JUNGMUT when German Doctors asked us to redesign their website. With a small team of three developers, we rebuilt the entire site and made it accessible on mobile devices for the first time.

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  • 2012



    As part of a team of two developers, I built a web app for the International Day of Children's Rights. The app featured an interactive map where children and schools could voice their opinions. We shipped this challenging project on a tight deadline of just one month.

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Side projects

  • 2020

    the sustainable list


    This web app offers a list of global ethical fashion brands prioritising high-quality products while minimising environmental harm. Users can filter brands based on various criteria or search for specific keywords.


  • 2018

    VLC Tech Hub app

    MobileReact Nativenode.js

    This mobile app showcases events and job listings from the vlctechhub.org API. It was created as a prototype using Create React Native App and Expo to demonstrate the capabilities of these tools.


  • 2016



    I developed this Slackbot at Hanno, a company known for pioneering remote work. It was the result of a design thinking workshop and was designed to track employees' happiness to mitigate feelings of isolation.


  • 2014

    The Book Project

    WebCake PHPOpen Source

    Twelve individuals co-authored a book through community submissions and a monthly voting round. The book was published using the crowdsourcing platform Pentian and is now available for purchase on Amazon.


  • 2004



    Nuhouse was an online platform and forum specialising in deep house music. Starting as a hobby project about my big passion at that time, I used WordPress and phpBB to create a little community of around 200-300 people.



  • 2015-2016

    Creative Mornings Valencia

    For two consecutive years, I was the organiser of Creative Mornings Valencia, a monthly breakfast event with the goal to unite the creative community of each city once a month for an inspiring talk on a creative topic.


  • 2014-2016

    Toastmasters Valencia

    As the VP of Public Relations, I was responsible for generating awareness for the Toastmasters Club and attracting new members, promoting club activities through effective communication across all relevant channels.