This is a collection of talks I gave on topics that I enjoyed.

Sharing my passion for technology with a larger audience helped me learn a lot not only about public speaking, but also to become a better leader and communicator.

International events

Introduction to Web and App Development

ESCP Business School, 2020-2022

A two-day lecture about the foundations of my craft for a group of ~20 students that I gave once a year at the ESCP campuses in Turin, Berlin and Paris.

Offline-first, the painless way #2

TopConf Tallinn, November 2015

The second time I gave this talk on preparing web apps for the offline state (identical to the one in Verona), but in a different location.

Offline-first, the painless way #1

jsDay Verona, May 2015

In this talk, I discuss why and when we should prepare web apps for the offline state, and how we can detect it to prepare for a better UI.

“Leveraging to build for the offline state

Codemotion Madrid, November 2014

I gave the audience a quick overview over the topic of iteration and pairing, and then conducted a group exercise where we could see those two concepts in action.

Local events

Lo mejor y peor de React Native

ValenciaJS, March 2017

In this talk I share everything I've learned about working with React Native after implementing a recipe app for a client from scratch in six months.

Working without boundaries

Valencia Startups, May 2014

In this event I talk with my colleague Matt about the challenges we all face working in teams, both remotely and in the office, and how to overcome them.

The mobile web – At a snail’s pace

Frontenders Valencia, September 2013

In this talk, I present 7 techniques that enable developers to improve the page load and rendering time of their mobile web sites.

A Future Friendly Web

Betabeers Valencia, April 2013

A presentation about the changing landscape of technology where I cover ideas on how we can better prepare our websites for the future.