Optimizing productivity with Kanban Flow

During the past month, I have been trying out the productivity tool Kanban Flow to optimize my work speed and focus.

I have to say that I couldn’t imagine working without it anymore.

Now, when I set up a new project or a list of tasks, I put it immediately onto a new Kanban board. From there, I start splitting up the tasks into days, by setting a due date for each task. Depending on the deadline, I split the whole list up into one week of work, for it to  become less overwhelming.

Everyday, I get back to that list and update the status accordingly. Then, I start my daily sprint, which consists of 4 tasks in a row. The great thing about Kanban Flow is that it includes a Pomodoro timer, so you can easily set up sprints, and get a rest each time you have completed a set of items.

The timer even tells you when it’s time for a break (after every 25 minutes of pure concentration) and when you deserve a longer break (after a sprint of 4 tasks = 120 minutes).

Right now, I have 5 projects running there, each occupying its own board. Switching between boards is only one mouse click away, so you can quickly go through your projects and see its current status.

The easy-to-use user interface and the speed with which to navigate through projects and tasks make it really fun. Additionaly, you can invite other people, assign them tasks, and comment on each of them collaboratively.